Help Save the Koalas!

Sam is the last surviving Koalanaut and his home on Mars is under attack by hordes of evil space aliens. It’s your job to help him fight them off. Unlock power-ups to give Sam the strength he needs as he flips through the Martian atmosphere to defend his home. The more aliens you defeat the stronger Sam can become! He can even visit a variety of different environments.

How can you help?

Wildlife all over Australia has been devastated from recent fires, droughts, and other weather events. With an estimated over 1 billion animals perished since September of 2019. I hope to raise awareness of the need to provide aid to Australia through this simple mobile game. Wires is the largest wildlife rescue organization in Australia. Wires performs rescues and conservation efforts for wildlife in need. They responded to over 90,000 rescues just last year!I urge you to donate to help them continue their mission of preserving Australian wildlife.

How to play?

Koalaclysm is super simple! It can be played with just a single touch. The goal is to prevent the aliens from reaching the base in the middle. To do this you control the movements of Sam by tapping on the screen. You can tap and hold to aim and release to send Sam flipping through the air towards his target. You can also tap once while Sam is in the air to give him an extra boost of speed. The more hits your base takes the more damaged it will appear. Once your base is destroyed the game is over!

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Bug Report

Discovered a bug in Koalaclysm? Please don’t hesitate to email: volstngaming@gmail.com. All input is appreciated!